The Vegetable Cracker

This was a bit of a light bulb moment, literally, in the middle of the night! “Would it be possible to make a biscuit out of vegetables?”

Our first cracker (celery, tomato &and chilli) is based on a family favourite – homemade pizza! The second flavour needed to be very different, and the fields of cauliflower around us was the inspiration. Adding lime and ginger was another long-time favourite combination. Our next flavour? Something with carrot?

The story so far…

We started developing the crackers in 2017 using the Christmas Fayres as a testing platform. The response was so good that we took the plunge to launch the business.

In March 2018, we had built our kitchen and were ready to go! Now with two flavours, we approached the local farmer’s markets and were accepted. By August, Richard had given up his job to concentrate on the business full time. Running up to Christmas 2018, a third flavour is in testing, along with ideas for selection boxes and hamper fillers…

Gluten Free

Hands up! We are not coeliacs, so yes, our house is full of lovely food with gluten in it, bread, biscuits, beer… So how can we say our product is gluten free?

When we realised there was a demand for the crackers we set about converting an old building in the garden into a bespoke kitchen dedicated to making the crackers.

It also means we have a lovely, traffic free commute to work!

We don’t like waste

Living in in the heart of rural west Cornwall, we are surrounded by fields of amazing vegetables grown all year round to supply supermarkets all over the UK. A significant portion of these crops are thrown away every year, not because they taste wrong, but because they look wrong.

These are what we use, as much as possible, as our ingredients, embracing the ugly ones and turning them into something lovely!

We also work hard to make sure we are not creating yet more waste by carefully sourcing sustainably produced and biodegradable packaging.

cauliflower cracker